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Giving up your freedom to bust a nut into the hands of a total stranger is what makes cock ring devices so intriguing. By trying out this chastity cam site, you can feel what it means to literally hand over the keys to your orgasms, and delay them for as long as you are being commanded by a naughty dominatrix when you do live sex shows with her. Sure, being commanded how to pump one out is exciting, but how about not even touching your cock, all while you are reliving your wildest fantasies?

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Chastity Cams

Imagine yourself in a one-on-one video chat situation with a sexy humiliation mistress, she likes teasing you and making you suffer for your wrongdoings, as with myself this kind of roleplay is incredibly rewarding, after all, I like a strong woman who can bend me to her will.

You can imagine my surprise when I have got scolded for finishing too early for the first time, and this curvy mistress in leather spandex named MILFemdom was not having it with me. There is a punishment and humiliation coming my way and honestly, I could not imagine what was coming next.

A chastity cage, huh, the first time I have heard about it, but being as I am the obedient one, there was no other choice but to order one online and come back for another cam2cam adult session when it arrives. I would not be surprised if your first time went exactly like that, the feeling of cold metal as it wraps around your cock, and you hear that “click” sound of the chastity lock which gives you the chills that go all the way down your spine.

Now it’s time to crawl over to your humiliatrix webcam model and proudly show her the metal chastity device, she could not be any happier, that crooked villainous smile is showing that she has got you right where she wants you. What worse punishment than not being able to get a boner on the site? Let alone orgasm, that is way out of the picture. She knows all your kinks, everything that makes you horny, and you absolutely can not hold it together when this domme bends over on camera, and slowly strips down the leather panties, revealing her pink pussy and tight bunghole to you. Do you wish to grab your cock and furiously jerk off? I bet you do, but that is not going to happen. That cock belongs to no one else but her, and only your domme can tell you when to take the key and unlock yourself.

The longer this teasing goes, the more desperate you get, and you still do not know if she is going to release you anytime sooner, if you are iron-willed, she might see it as a challenge and force you to keep it on for an entire day, sometimes even longer.

Slave Chastity Cock Cage Cam

Even the simplest things like peeing will be a challenge, chastity webcam mistresses love seeing you suffer while degrading sub men, you are trying to take a leak, but it goes all over yourself, what a wimp. You are embarrassed like never before, there’s piss all over you, something so simple, and yet you have no control over it whatsoever.

When you finally do take it off, she will command you how to stroke it, and as the orgasm nears, you are commanded to outright stop, did you really think it was that easy? Put that thing back on and be prepared to delay the orgasm for much longer.

Our chastity adult live shows are not for everyone, only the most obedient slaves are able to go a step further and test the waters. It is hard enough to endure all the commands and humiliations, but not being able to stroke your cock is a world of its own. If you think you are fitting the description, then, by all means, do not hesitate to try it out yourself.

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