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Ah, CEI cam rooms, the very idea of it is still somewhat a taboo, at least in the verbal conversations some people like to dodge that question like Neo dodged those bullets in the Matrix. I am sure you are one of those people too, maybe you have wondered what your spunk tastes like, but the very idea of having that hot oozing liquid rolling around your tongue is enough to make you gag.

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Cum Eating Instruction Cams Chat

Seeing as you are the slave, it is not about whether you like it or not, the whole point is to humiliate you with the very idea that you’re interested in, but dread the most. The possibilities with live cum eating instructions fetish are endless, there are plenty of ways for you to taste some juice after jizzing.

The dommes enjoy making you their little bitch, and if you express any kind of interest in eating cum, then they will slowly ease you into it. Let’s say you’ve never done it, there has to be a starting point, so the easiest way to begin would be by making you taste a bit of pre-cum. As you are teased into delaying the inevitable, it gets tough to hold it all back, you squeeze out a drop and taste just a bit, and suddenly you’re her toy-boy.

The look on her face says it all, a grown man forced to do the most humiliating thing imaginable in front of the webcam, you wish to scream out from all the embarrassment, your boner goes soft, and the whole ordeal has gotten even worse, you little sissy boy. As if it could not get any worse, but she has just started with you, now she has got you cornered, and you can bet the blackmailing will come soon.

Seeing as you do not want all the dirty laundry aired out for everyone to see, you come back for more to our HumiliationCamChat site. Of course, this time it will not be like before. Did you think that bit of drop was humiliating? Wait until you see what else your dominatrix has got brewing during a live sex chat with you.

You definitely want to obey her orders, pissing her off will only make the things worse than they already are. There is some motivation in it as well, if you are a good boy and do as instructed, maybe you will get to see her toned ass in its full glory. You get that lube ready and slowly do as you are told, she wants to see you rubbing that cock slowly, up and down, until you are ordered to do it faster.

Here it comes, the climax, you can feel it drawing closer, and she can see the look on your face, the peachy booty of your dominatrix is the ultimate motivation, you have done as instructed, and that fat load goes straight on the palm of your hand.

Mistress CEI Webcam

You are relieved for a moment before acknowledging what your next task is, that pool of jizz is supposed to go into your mouth, and there is no going back, so you slurp it all up and hold it in your mouth before raking up the courage to swallow and stick your tongue out to show there is nothing left. Gone, you have swallowed it all.

Who knows, next time you might need to do something even more disgusting, like busting a load on the floor and licking it like a dog in the cam chat, because you are that worthless to her.

Do you still think that the cum eating instruction fetish is not that bad? Maybe you should try for yourself in the cam2cam sex chat, I am sure a limp-dicked loser like yourself would not dare to do something so bold, but then again, I might be wrong, and there’s only one way to prove yourself.

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