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What every domme wants is your total compliance with her commands, they enjoy being on the pedestal, while you, a measly slave, crawl in front of her. There is a multitude of ways you can be embarrassed on mistress SPH cam sessions, each more horrifying than the last one, and increased in intensity.

They know you’re here because strong women excite you sexually, and you would do anything just to be in their presence. It fits nicely with their sadistic cravings, weak men disgust them, and they enjoy shaming you, making you worship them and take punishments in hopes of reaching an orgasm.

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Pleasing a mistress is hard, sometimes it’s borderline impossible if you’re in a deficit of some traits, like a big cock, or upbeat personality. MissDahlia will smell the misery you’re reeking off, which is already a sign of a rough start because you won’t be worthy in her eyes so she will humiliate you right away.

She won’t even let you see some skin but will demand you stand naked in front of her, while she’s fully clothed. You’re desperate alright, and it can be all attributed to your miserable cock, it’s floppy and squishy, looking like a worm that wiggles in your hands.

From the get-go, you’re going to be her sissy, and this cruel mistress will make you pee standing down to show you what a miserably little sissy you are during that humiliatrix video chat fun. You deserve to wear girly pink panties, that cock is useless anyway, to her and anyone else.

Go on and dance for her, at least entertain your mistress by dancing around like a horny slut, and slowly strip down those panties to show her your booty as she enjoys degrading you. What a tight bunghole, but it won’t stay untouched for long, because she’s going to make you use toys on it.

She will demand you grab a dildo, lick it top to bottom, and get it lubed up for some anal live action. At first, you will stick the tip in, barely getting spread out to take more, but she’s going to degrade you. Look at that, you can’t even successfully be a sissy, how depressing.

Maybe those words get you going, you stick the dildo deeper in your asshole and work it up for her, so the next time your paths cross, she can be proud of you, or not, you never know.

Mistress Humiliation Video Chat

Your ego is going to get ripped off while you’re under EvilEmilia while having the mistress humiliation webcam show with her on our site, she’s going to show you how insignificant and small you are when next to her. Sitting in her chair with the legs crossed, she will be smoking her cigarette, and then shout at you, calling you over to kneel in front of her.

It’s more than enough for her to act like a mighty ruler, and you will already see that she’s not screwing around. If you even utter a word, she’s going to put a muzzle on you, like a rabid dog, you are contained, and the only way you can breathe is through a straw.

If you get thirsty, she will make you drink toilet water, a dog like you doesn’t deserve anything better. Her cruelness is going to get you horny, what a surprise, and she will make you hump a pillow, so go ahead and do it before your humiliatrix model changes her mind and starts whipping you.

All horrors come to an end, but not this one, your mistress is going to allow you the joys of jerking off, but not freely. She will have control over the speed and how many strokes you get in her mistress live sex room. Your balls are going to swell up like a pair of ripe plums, all thanks to the constant edging and orgasm denial.

It’s going to reach a point where you’ll be on your knees giving her a puppy look to beg for an orgasm. Even though you’re releasing inaudible, muffled sound, she will want to hear you beg, and say “Please mistress”.

If you’re a good boy, this mean dominatrix will let you finish, and then you’re going to get the ultimate humiliation, drinking your cum through that very straw, and swallowing it all to prove you’re her bitch.

With every visit you make to the humiliation webcam page, it’s going to get rougher, grittier, and more challenging. These commanding harlots will make you work for them as a slave, obeying every order and they will never be satisfied.

Do you have what it takes to become a submissive slut? There’s only one way to find out, by getting degraded in a private show with one of many harsh dommes who will tirelessly torture you.

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