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Being a dedicated sissy boy is going to take a lot of practice, and we’ve got just the right mistresses for that job. Here at your favorite sissy humiliation cam website, you are going to learn how to do your make-up, what wig to choose and how to fit in a tight girly dress, so you could prance around like a high school cheerleader with your bottom exposed for her amusement. Everything past that is pure domination, even the way you look is going to be ridiculed, and then your cock and balls are going to be tortured, so you feel the wrath of a sadistic humiliatrix. It’s needless to say that she won’t go easy on you, little boys like you who surrender themselves to the mercy of a mistress are not good for anything other than mocking and degradation.

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Sissy Humiliation Cams

MissRemi likes it when you take it real slow, you will be her dirty schoolgirl, seducing her in a pink skimpy skirt, and high heels. Even if you think that you’re doing a good job, she will prove you wrong with her echoing laughs during that femdom video chat. Your make-up and a wig don’t help, you have done it all, put yourself through a humiliating transformation, and yet it’s not enough to satisfy her.

Is there an end in sight? Possibly not if you’re thinking of mental humiliation, it’s not going to stop, as a matter of fact, it’s only going to get worse. She will love to see you at work, the pretty outfit is not just to make you look like a sissy slut, you will go all out and be one. Show her how much you love cocks, get a dildo, and shove it in your mouth, suck on it like you’re hungry for some meat.

That’s the way real whores do it, work your dirty mouth as long as she tells you, no matter if your jaw starts getting sore, you will have to keep going at it. As her obedient slave, you will have to bend over, strip down your pretty skirt, and put that dildo in your booty in her sissy live sex sessions. Yeah, shake it on that rubber cock, impale yourself, and say you want more.

Bring your miserable cock over to DommeFelicity, because this humiliatrix will know what to do with it. First, you will need to strip down, because she wants to inspect your body, while you’re exposed in front of her and at your most vulnerable.

What a tiny sissy dick, she can’t believe that you even have the courage to show up in front of her. It’s so disgusting that she’ll have to trample your junk with her feet. You will beg her to stop, she loves hearing that, which is why she’s going to do exactly the opposite. There’s no telling when it’s enough for her, but she’ll have to put you out of your misery soon because crushing your genitals while you’re cramping up and crying is only fun for so long. You have to take a look at these live SPH video chats for some more action with your favorite dommes.

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Put on a pink dress, and grab your acorn of a cock, jerk it for her as a useless sissy you are if you really feel like you can use it while you are having humiliation cam shows. Grab it with two fingers and only stroke upwards. Slowly, there’s no rush. Your wee-wee is all hard, you’re going to get so close to an orgasm a couple of times, but she will make you outright stop.

Then do it faster, now she wants to see how much bodily fluid you can make with that hideous thing already tortured heavily. Prepare a cup for yourself, so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. She will make you drink it all, bottoms up, and don’t think of spitting out, every last drop is going to slide down your throat, like it or not.

Does it all excite you? Because I think it does, or else you wouldn’t be so horny at the thought of having an evil mistress on our private sissy humiliation webcam page do these things to you. I can promise you one thing, they can do a lot more, to really be able to experience it, you will have to join and find out yourself. Beneath all those cravings for a woman hides a submissive side that likes to be used, and you will gladly surrender all that makes you a man, just to be turned into a little sissy for your dominatrix.

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