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Does it bring you joy when you are being degraded like a limp-dicked excuse of a man you are? Or do you simply want to get instructed on one of many degrading ways to beat it off? If you are here then it should not matter, because you are in for that and much, much more when you join our humiliation live sex chat on the SM.

What a submissive slave slut like you needs to do is listen, just keep your dirty mouth shut and be ready to make your dominatrix happy by complying with her needs, because what you want does not really matter here. This space is their play pool and they are sharks armed with a razor-sharp set of teeth, ready to play with their pathetic prey before it gets swallowed whole.

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One thing you are guaranteed from any of them is the feeling of shame and helplessness while they’re commanding what your next move should be.

The soulless look in her eyes will fill you with fear and obedience as you are commanded to grab your little stump of a sub cock and show it to her, so she can laugh at your tiny inch worm because it is so small that it looks like you could floss your teeth with it.

And no, you better not talk back, because you might be commanded to lick that toilet seat clean, punished for your disobedience to the point of no return. You will be helpless while descending into a world of animalistic desires, the raw lust for the slave punishment will be her greatest enjoyment, and you better be into it.

The magnum opus of humiliation cam2cam shows would be the toy play, the stiff buttplug deep inside your asshole for hours on end, or the rubbery jaw-breaker that will make you gag while you are choking on it, the sky is only the limit, and they have done it all.

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The toy play will nicely pair up with your desire to dress like a girl, the red panties peeking under a skimpy skirt, with a full-face make-up are going to make for a nice little sissy while she is humiliating you on these adult webcam sites. While you are looking all dolled up, she’s trying not to laugh, thinking of yet another degrading insult coming your way, this beautiful and yet you’re still a total joke.

These girls like making you beg to cum, the orgasm denial will drive you crazy, you can only hope that all the kneeling and begging will be fruitful after spending minutes being so close to orgasm, jerking off has never been so hard, imagine that being used to doing it whenever you want, and now, here is a girl having the upper ground, and her affirmation is the only thing that can let you have that sweet release of cum. I am sure that you will love these live sex chat rooms full of degradation fun that we all need.

Not all the suffering has to be in the comfort of your home, that would make things too easy for you, and remember that butt plug? It is still buried deep, but now you have to do some public activities in front of the camera while it is still inside, you might need to go around your neighborhood, or the nearest store to buy some veggies to play with later, all while looking like you’re minding your own business, but the reality is much harsher.

Now that private humiliation webcams have reshaped you into a living play doll for your mistress, her personal whore, you’re fully reconditioned for her pleasure and there is nothing you wouldn’t do for her.

Of course, there is plenty more, we are just scraping the surface here, every mistress has her set of slave rules and ways to torture, but one thing they have in common is seeing your face filled with humiliation, the joy of abusing her sissy boy is irreplaceable.

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