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If you’ve got a tiny cock, then you already know why you’re here, to get it ridiculed by mistresses, who will humiliate you with many of their methods on my SPH webcam website. Just because they think your little one is hideous and torture you for having it, doesn’t mean that they don’t like doing so.

On the contrary, they revel in degrading you, take pride and joy in putting you in your place, with other miserable micro cock men. Left without dignity, you’re food for the soul to any mistress, and she will have a feast while berating you and using various torture methods on your junk.

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Humiliation Cams Chat

MissRosa is a fierce Latina humiliatrix with heavenly curves who can’t go without a proper cock, not even a day, and you can imagine how annoyed she is when you show up. It’s not even funny to her, your mini prick is a total let-down, so she makes sure you know it over her degrading words like “Pin dicked loser” or “Hideous mini penis”.

She wants you to stroke it for her so she can see how much it can grow, and it’s no different at all, 3 inches of disappointment. There must be a way to make it work, have you tried pulling weights with it? You will tie some to your dick during in her live sex shows and carry it around in an effort to make it grow.

Obviously, it won’t work, but she has another idea, what about heat? Let’s say she dripped hot wax over your “manhood”, would it work? There’s only one way to find out in this chat room, and look at that, nothing again, you’ve suffered so much for nothing, which she doesn’t care about.

You will be punished by being forced to watch big dicks, videos of them being stroked and sucked, that’s what she wants, not your tiny needle and she is going to degrade you again. Actually, that’s what she’s going to do in front of the camera, a hot hunk with his meaty dick is going to get treated by her, and you will be watching with a chastity cage on your tiny prick.

Now you’re her cuckold loser, made to watch how a superior cock gets treated by this extremely hot mistress while you’re in total despair for being such a little dick loser. Once she’s done blowing it, you will get humiliated even harder by taking his cumshot over your face, and then they will both laugh at you.

When you show up in front of a humiliatrix like DarkDanna who’s wearing her latex bodysuit, she will instantly demand you strip down in online webcam chats with her. The awkward silence is going to fill the room, you’re totally nude, exposed in front of her, and she can’t stop staring at your small penis.

Finally, the silence is broken by her laughs which will fill the room, and she’s going to be interested in how small that dicklet really is. It’s best to measure it, so go and grab some batteries, toothpicks, slim cigarettes, or any other everyday household object.

Just look at that, you’re stooping so low, being degraded by her during these humiliation live sessions and showing her how sad you actually are. She can’t even call it a cock, to her it looks like a clitoris and nothing else, you’re like a chick, but uglier. Don’t worry she will make you look pretty by putting on some colorful, girly lingerie.

Sissy Humiliation Cam Chat

You will wear tight, red panties, which will suit you quite well, even though they’re etching into your skin, but your clit is safe, either way, it’s too small enough to be affected. As a sissy you will have to suck a dildo, big, firm, you know, the total opposite to what you’ve got.

Make sure to suck it good, and while you’re at it, rub that clit of yours over the panties, make your mistress proud and moan for her like a true slut. Your live humiliatrix will make you cum in your underwear, so you soil them with a dribble of cum, not like you can jizz out anything more with that thingy.

Don’t think she will just let you go, you will have to stuff your mouth with those cum-stained panties, write “Cum Slut” on your body, and suck on them until the mistress is satisfied.

You’re making these mistresses go through the horror of having to deal with a tiny dick, and they have to return fire in the best way they know, by humiliating you when you join one of our cam2cam shows. Of course, you are okay with that, like any desperate man, you crave attention from a woman, even if it’s so twisted and revolves around your misery.

You will be constantly reminded of your imperfections in these cam sex rooms, where many dommes wait to express their cruelty by pointing them out and shaming you.

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