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Cruel mistresses love nothing more than to take control over a man and then torture and humiliate them live, and no better way to do it than have him by his balls. She’ll twist and turn them, pull, and tell what a little bitch you are, while testing your pain tolerance in these online ballbusting cam rooms whenever you visit them.

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Mistress Humiliation Cams Chat

It’s what you get for surrendering your junk to her, she will make you feel her wraith, and there are no safe words, she doesn’t care if you can’t take it anymore. You will plead for her to stop, but she knows that you actually like it, after all the torture, it’s the relief and pent-up tension finally getting released in a moment of bliss.

MissHazel always takes care of her subs’ hands first. She needs them tied and restrained so he doesn’t instinctively try to protect his gems. She circles you, slowly, while the echo of her heels fills a room and this humiliatrix carefully observes her nude slave’s junk while doing live shows with you. A cigarette in one hand makes her look even more serious, but she can only keep a straight face for so long in the presence of your midget cock. Puffs of smoke in your face, and ashes all over your crotch, she’s using you as an ashtray, while restraining any possible means of an erection with chastity.

The cold steel wraps around the base of your tiny cock, and then you feel a sudden sharp pain while she puts out the cigarette on those two shriveled-from-embarrassment marbles. Screaming doesn’t help, there goes a ball gag over your face in her humiliation video chat room because she doesn’t want to be bothered by the sound of your squealy voice.

In order to cool them down, she prepares a bucket full of ice water, so you can soak your balls in them for as long as she orders you to. In addition, you are allowed to take the chastity off, so she could see you stroke that pathetic tiny dicklet as long as you’re refrigerating it in the ice.

The moment you’re nearing an orgasm she’ll make you stop, and use a nutcracker to further dehumanize you with tight squeezing to the point where you feel like they’re going to burst into cosmic dust.

It’s even easier to bust some balls if you do it DommeMya’s way and she is a real expert in testicle tortures. She’s a physical girl, tall, handsome, and she enjoys using those long legs to their full extent. The only thing she needs is to restrain you with ropes while enjoying ball busting webcam sessions, so you’re hanging in the air spread out, and wide open for any kind of torture, unable to get out of it or move.

She’ll flick your nuggets, just as a test, there are greater things coming for you. On to the bigger things, she takes a leather paddle and takes a good hard swing that’s going to make you remember the moment for the rest of your life. You will be counting stars, while she takes a string and tightly ties up your swollen balls that are ready to be busted hard, and on the other end a weight.

It’s going to hang from your nut sack, and it’s going to feel like doomsday is here, but it’s far from over. She’ll add more and more until you think they have disconnected from your body, ripped and fed to a dog. After all of that, what’s a little electricity going to do? You will barely feel it, and if you do, then it means that you’re still in possession of your dearest jewels.

Indeed, it’s going to sting, you’ll wiggle like a worm caught in the web of a black widow before she takes a final lunge at you and wraps it all up. Remember those long legs? She can raise them quite high, so reaching your nuts will be a piece of cake. You’ll see her power up a swing, which is directed full force where you’re the most vulnerable, shattering your manhood in a million little pieces. You will like SPH webcam shows that our models do and you can meet them for live privates.

There are plenty of different busting techniques they are willing to use, and each professional humiliatrix has her own set of favorite toys to torture balls. They are taking it a step further, into the deepest dark corners of torture, set to make you feel real pain in your crotch that will shake your whole body. It’s a sign of control far greater than any other because she’s able to undermine you as a man and make you into her faithful slave in these live ballbusting sex sessions online.

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