Just like any other pathetic little manlet, you are searching for a way to connect with a dominant woman, and your only road to that success is by having her humiliate you. Be it either if she’s calling you a worthless waste, or a pimple-dicked letdown, it’s going to be a proud moment in your book, because you finally have the privilege of attracting her attentiveness, regardless of context. You might be wondering what is it in there for your mistress on our live humiliation sex cam shows? Think of it this way, she is a woman who has a man so pathetic in front of her that she can do whatever she wants, the very thought of that is empowering, and it makes her imagination run wild with new, sadistic ideas.

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Despite never paying attention to the likes of you, HumiliAnna savors every moment she gets to demoralize you for that small cock. Naturally, you wouldn’t ever expect a tall blonde with a giant rack to even look at you if your paths were to cross on the street, but here, she’s ogling you, top to bottom, while holding a cigarette in her hands when you join her SPH cam2cam chat room. You know it makes her so hot, she’s the type you would jerk off on your social media feed, and here she is, focused only on your nude body.

Don’t be so excited yet, because the look on her face is not really approving, it’s a combination of disbelief and disgust, she can’t grasp that such a human being even exists. Is that a dick? How do you even use that microscopic germ? Let her guess, you poke a needle through a piece of paper and fuck that, right?

Your initial thrill is slowly turning into a nightmare, because she wants you to bend over and get spanked during a live sex session, only as an intro, because she has a bag of tricks to use on you. She would torture your little dick if she could find it, but she’ll settle with your balls. She’ll make you pull weights with them, slap them, kick them, whatever brings you more pain since this humiliation mistress knows the moment you’re kicked out of her chat, you’ll be jerking off, and she wants to postpone that pleasure.

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If you wish for something, why not become that very thing, that’s the thinking process of MissJenny. You don’t even have to muster a word out of your mouth, she can see that you’re a pathetic little thing, and the moment she raises your voice, you’re going to shatter like glass in front of the her. That’s how she likes them slaves, unable to fight back out of fear, and doing whatever they are told without a question in their mind, it’s the power of a mistress dressed in latex, you don’t want to get on her bad side.

Now it’s time she makes you wear a girly dress, and sexy stockings, you are quickly turned into a woman and a slutty one at that. Maybe she can use you as a hooker and pimp you out to men for cheap, that would be a great idea. She will need to make sure that you’re only her possession and no one else's on this private humiliation webcam site. That’s why she’s recording every step of the way to blackmail you, just in case you get all rebellious.

A man turned into a total bimbo, it’s kind of ironic, but also laughable at the same time, you couldn’t hit a lower point in your life than this. Now, show her how loyal you are by sucking on a dildo, go as deep as you can, she wants you to gag on it in front of the camera, because who knows what kind of dicks you are going to stumble upon? After she’s done with you, you are free to stroke your cock, just make sure to take a lick of your semen, swallow it to get a taste of times to come.

No matter how hard you want to be humiliated, it’s guaranteed to come your way in the live video sex chat, there are all kinds of dommes, and each of them has a certain style. Maybe you will just get teased, almost cumming dozens of times, but never quite reaching orgasm because you’re ordered to stop, and then you’ll have to wear a chastity belt until you come back next time. Whatever it is, your disadvantages will be exposed, pointed out, and laughed at, and all you can do is wait for the storm to pass.

MistressxTessa Cam2Cam

MistressxTessa Humiliation Cam2Cam Show

MistressxTessa is a blonde and busty webcam dominatrix from Romania. She is 32 years old and speaks perfect English with a naughty East European accent. Her experience with men and the confidence in her looks and sex skills make her the perfect domina for the successful man who has to be a boss all day at the HumiliationCamChat place. When you need to let go of domination and submit to a sex goddess, she’s the one you need. No matter what submissive kink makes you happy, she can deliver the most intense cam2cam experience.

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Join her for a one on one play and give up control. She will make you long for an orgasm while denying it until you’re ready to explode. She will use her voice to dominate your mind in ways you never thought possible. The ultimate experience she can deliver is the sissy humiliation training. Turn on your cam and grab a pair of panties from the laundry basket of your girlfriend or wife. A night under her control will change the way you jerk off to dominatrix webcams. She can also smoke, make you worship her feet, and have you torture your cock and balls.

GoddessxAlexi Live Sex Site

GoddessxAlexi Live Sex Site

GoddessxAlexi is a UK vixen who loves trashing men in a sexy British accent. And men are flocking to get humiliated by her on live sex sites. The main reason that everyone loves her so much is the rack she shows off in front of the webcam. She has one of the most marvelous tits amongst all the online dominatrices. She could easily suffocate you with her boobs if only you’d be worthy of touching them with your face. She will make you feel like you’ll never have a woman like her. But she will give you the great honor of admiring and worshiping her through a screen.

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She hosts both free access domina shows and private action. In the free shows, she will trash the fans who are sending her monetary offerings in the form of tips. But if you really want to feel her wrath, just join her online private show. She will offer some of the dirtiest JOI and small penis humiliation experiences that will turn you on through humiliation. She can also put on roleplay action in which she can turn you into a cuck or an obedient slave. Turn on your camera so that she can handle you better.

ZafiraxRiley Cam

ZafiraxRiley Humiliation Sex Cam Room

ZafiraxRiley is the Romanian humiliation domme who will enjoy hurting your feelings. She’s 31 but she has a much younger vibe. If you like women who can act innocent but who are secretly massive bitches that don’t care about men and just use them for their pleasure and interests, she’s the one you need tonight. One of the ways she likes to dominate and humiliate men is by turning them into pay pigs. She’ll be a financial domina who will never be happy with your monetary performance. But she has many other ways of making you feel like trash while paying for her attention.

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She’s the kind of East European hottie who knows how to spot big dick energy and she will know if you’re not packing just by chatting with you. If you want to be laughed at for your size, all you need is to turn on your live private cam. She will even get naked for you, just to make you hard and show you the kind of body your dick will never get to enjoy in real life. And she loves to give cum eating instructions for her submissive boy toys. Join her tonight and let her work that black magic on your emotions until you’ll feel like crying and cumming at the same time.

GoddessxKimberley Video Chat

GoddessxKimberley Live SPH Video Chat

GoddessxKimberley is a young mistress with an outstanding ass. She has the booty of an African sex goddess and she loves to tease submissive men with it. All you’ll think about will be to have it sit on your face while she uses you as a human dildo to pleasure her clit. And she loves being a latex domina. Sometimes she wears just expensive lingerie. But she looks best in the many tight latex outfits she wears in live private shows. She has black ones and red ones, but she also has other BDSM outfits which make her look menacing.

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Sometimes she wears Venetian masks and not seeing her face will make her feel more authoritative. She is ready to put you through all kinds of humiliating punishments. Since she’s from UK, you will get trashed with dirty talking in a hot British accent. A roleplay play in her online room can please some crazy fantasies. Her cucking shows will make you feel unworthy of her gorgeous body, while SPH video chat sessions will put you in your place. Let her own you tonight.

MilanaxMistress Cam2Cam

MilanaxMistress SPH Cam2Cam Show

MilanaxMistress is the meanest young Ukrainian hottie who will make you submit to her sexuality and fulfill any of her desires while treating you like trash. She might be only 24 years old, but she is meaner and more intimidating than a cougar dominatrix. Her body is tiny, with perky natural titties and a tight ass. For many submissive men, having a petite domina humiliating them is extra-hot. If you’ve never tried submitting to a mistress that’s half your weight and height, you’ll be amazed by an online humiliating cam2cam experience with this hottie.

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There are some things she enjoys on the LJ site chat shows, which are making her horny and ready to play with herself. She loves feet worshiping and she would enjoy stepping on your cock and balls in high heels. Smoking is another fetish she enjoys. And when she starts talking dirty, giving jerk-off instructions and little dick degradation and sissy mind control training, her East European accent will make everything sound even hotter. You can spend the whole night with her, watching her smoke, following her instructions and letting her break your heart with humiliating comments on your body and dirty desires.

MistressxTessa Live Sex

MistressxTessa Humiliation Live Sex Room

MistressxTessa is a blonde vixen from the Eastern Europe who is not impressed with any man, no matter how financially successful or well-endowed he might be. In fact, she gets turned on better by fragile submissive men with small dicks. That’s because she loves being a domina and enjoys humiliating men who are paying for her attention. You can enjoy her live sex action in which she will trash you in so many ways. She’s a classic dominatrix, with latex outfits or expensive black lingerie, high-heeled manacing boots, and luxury sex toys.

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She loves using men as her slaves and she will make you feel like she owns you whenever she does a private live show with you. If you are an obedient slave who turns on his camera and follows her instructions, she might even get so turned on that she will even masturbate and let you watch. You really want to see her naked. She has amazing natural tits and an amazing juicy pussy. On top of that, she’s a big-time smoker and she loves treating her submissive fans as her ashtrays. She’d love nothing more than to see you kneeling in front of her with her mouth open waiting for the ash of her cigarette before returning to worshiping her feet.

Elecktrax23 Webcam Session

Elecktrax23 SPH Webcam Session

Elecktrax23 is one of the hottest BBW cam girls you will find on the web. She is a 23 years old babe from Romania with brunette hair and one of the most magnificent titties you will see on a BBW. Her entire body is art for the fans of extra curvy girls. And if you like chubby goddesses, you will give anything for the chance of worshiping her beauty at the HumiliationCamChat.com. She’s the kind of thick domina who can put any man down, both emotionally and physically. You would feel so degraded if she’d get on top of you and refuse to let you move. Her ass would be the perfect smothering device and you’d want her to sit on your face until you pass out.

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She likes submissive boys and she has so much fun in online SPH sessions. She likes playing with extra large toys because she likes extra large dicks. If you don’t have a large cock, she will make so much fun of you, putting on jerk-off instructions that include gagging and titty fucking that your cock might not be able to perform on these live webcam websites. She’s also sassy and she can be mean if you do something she doesn’t like.

VictoriaxQueenie Video Chat

VictoriaxQueenie Humiliation Video Chat

VictoriaxQueenie is a young, sexy, and bratty princess domina who can trash any man, no matter how much older he is. She’s only 20 years old but she’s the kind of Romanian hottie with street smarts and a dirty mouth. She can talk for hours and every word that will come through her meaty lips will hurt you. If you want to feel humiliated and emotionally abused, you just need to enter her video sex chat room. She even trashes men online so offer her some tips and maybe she will bless you with some mean attention.

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But if you want to fully experience her wrath, you need to join her in private. There are lots of kinks and fantasies she can fulfill. She can turn you into her paypig or into her sissy slave cuck. She’s also a perfect goddess for the submissive men who love worshiping feet. She has amazing long and smooth legs. And she also has a nice collection of high heels and dominatrix boots with which she can walk all over her slaves. And she’s also a smoker, if you want to be an ashtray slave.

DonnaxSanders Live Sex

DonnaxSanders Humiliation Live Sex

DonnaxSanders comes from Romania and she is an excellent domme. She will put any men into their place without having to break a sweat. Her face and that confident and superior look in her eyes will intimidate you, especially if you are a submissive man who needs a strong woman to control him in front of the camera. The fact that she wears glasses most of the time when she streams her live sex performances makes her look even sexier and authoritative. She would make a great lady doctor or a boss. But she chose the latex uniform and she’s a perfect mistress with lots of interesting and creative ways of making men suffer until their cum.

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She has a perfect body and not many guys get to touch it. One of her turn-ons is to tease men with her beauty and make fuck of their dick size. That’s why she always puts her slaves through a small penis humiliation whenever she wants to play with her gorgeous pussy. But she also loves financial domination and she makes a perfect sissy trainer. If your fantasy is being forced by a domina to suck on a strap-on or even on a bull’s dick, she’s the perfect roleplay partner for it.

MistressxAdina Private Cam2Cam

MistressxAdina Private Humiliation Cam2Cam

MistressxAdina is a brutal dominatrix with an impressive and intimidating hot body. And Ebony goddess who can put any man under her African spells and turn him into a voodoo zombie. She’s from the US and at 34 years old she has a lot of experience both in the adult industry and in dominating men in real life. She knows what can hurt a man and at the same time make his dick hard. If you’re into humiliation kinks, she’s the lady that will break your heart and spirit while at the same time making you feel like your cock is going to explode.

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Although she can please so many BDSM fantasies in her private cam2cam shows, there are some kinks she does best. One of them is to turn men into her sissy cumsluts. Usually, she asks men to turn on their cameras, so that she can see their reactions. It also helps her see their cocks and make mean fun of them. But what will make your heart stop is when she puts on her massive strap-on cock and makes you worship it as if it was a BBC. Not to mention all the stories she can tell about the times when she had men with real dicks fuck her, turning you into her cuck-boy.